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Monument Circle

If you’re in Indianapolis, visiting Monument Circle also known as Soldiers and Sailors Monument is a must. It’s one of the hottest points of interest that you can find in Indy, where it sits in the middle of this Indiana city. It is a large monument measuring 284 and a half feet, built to honor sailors and soldiers who bravely fought and served the country.

With a neoclassical style, this stunning monument is further encircled by statues, carved specially to show the peril and courage of battle, and a woman stands at the forefront of them all. She holds a symbolic torch, signifying the glory of the victory that led to thousands of slaves being freed.

A civil war museum can also be found within memorial grounds. Visiting Monument Circle is definitely one of the top things to do in Indianapolis, and it’s a great spot to kick start a fun Indiana trip with. Go during the holiday season in winter to see what the monument looks like adorned with 2,400 stunning, blinding lights!